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Abergavenny Adopt A Garden Pilot

Abergavenny Town Council with the support of Monmouthshire County Council and online networking platform company Made Open has launched a pilot project which matches would-be gardeners with people who own too much garden, preferably living close to each other.

The garden owner allows the gardener to use part of their garden to grow food &/or flowers, and in return, that part of their garden is cared for. This takes away the worry and anxiety of not being able to manage the gardening.

The gardener may wish to share some of their produce with the owner or help to keep another part of the garden looking nice, but this is not a condition of the scheme.

Abergavenny Town Council is keen to hear from gardeners and garden owners in Abergavenny who would like to take part in this pilot project. There are a few conditions attached to taking part such as having access to the garden without going through the house, no money to change hands, the garden owner should not specify what is grown or how it is grown but can specify where the growing takes place and times of access and both parties (ie garden owner and gardener) will be required to undergo a background check.

The project will be managed through the Our Monmouthshire community platform where more information is available on the scheme and where interested parties should register their interest. 

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