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COVID-19 Honours Nominations

In recent weeks there has been much coverage in the local and national media telling the story of those on the frontline in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. From health workers to other key workers and public servants, they are rightly getting plaudits for their brave and tireless work. We have also read and seen reports week after week of other heroes in our communities who have shown ingenuity, selflessness and community spirit to help tackle the crisis.

In light of the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19, Her Majesty The Queen has agreed that the Birthday Honours List that was due for publication on 13th June will be delayed until the autumn. The original Birthday List was drawn up well in advance of the COVID-19 crisis and therefore did not reflect the extraordinary efforts currently underway to tackle and mitigate the crisis. Postponing the Birthday Honours means that we have the opportunity to recognise people who have:

  • Worked on the frontline of their organisation or in their sector to directly support the most vulnerable members of society and people who have caught COVID-19.
  • Provided critical care to COVID-19 patients.
  • Made significant innovations in order to support the vulnerable and those with COVID-19 ​or​ their communities and sectors.
  • Gone to extraordinary lengths to keep critical services going.
  • Volunteered in the community or for service organisations in support of those affected by COVID-19.

There is a new COVID-19 honours nomination form on GOV.UK that can be used by any member of the public to nominate an individual who has been responding to coronavirus for a national honour. It is a much shorter, simpler form than usual and people making nominations do not need to provide letters of support and should not be daunted by the process. The information is at -

In welcoming these arrangements, the Lord Lieutenant, Brigadier Robert Aitken CBE said: “Since the crisis began, I have heard and read about examples of the exceptional contribution being made by so many individuals across Gwent in response to Coronavirus. I am hugely grateful to each and every one of them. In these unprecedented circumstances, I feel more strongly than ever that we must do all we can to ensure that the efforts of people in Gwent are fully and properly recognised with national honours. So, I encourage anyone who lives or works in Gwent to go ahead and nominate individuals for consideration for a national award for their outstanding role in the response to COVID-19. I really hope we can make the most of this opportunity as an important way of demonstrating clearly how proud we are of the achievements of people in Gwent in the face of real adversity and challenge posed by Coronavirus.”


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