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Environment Committee Meeting 22nd February 2023

Abergavenny Town Crest
Abergavenny Town Council Environment Committee Meeting Wednesday 22nd February 2023 at 7pm



E12/23: To receive and approve apologies for absence.


E13/23: To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.


E14/23: To receive and approve the minutes from the last meeting on 25th January 2023.


E15/23: To elect a Vice Chair for the Environment Committee.


E16/23:  To receive a presentation from Jane Clarke – Green Infrastructure Officer MCC. (Green and Blue Corridors of Abergavenny and FIT Project)


E17/23: To receive a presentation from Zoe Morris and Pete Hovland from The Media Company on the Abergavenny In Bloom project.


E18/23: To receive and note an update from the Town Clerk.


E19/23: To receive and note the Service Delivery update.


E20/23: To receive and approve a Finance update on the Environment Budget headings.


E21/23: To consider and make recommendations regarding the following planning applications:


DM/2022/01831 Improvements to the existing pedestrian and cycle connectivity across Castle Meadows by providing Active Travel compliant routes. Including the upgrade of existing routes, access points and the replacement of the existing footbridge over the River Gavenny. Land At

Castle Meadows Abergavenny Monmouthshire.


DM/2023/00187 Advertisement Consent - Installation of various non illuminated signage. Formerly EWM,6 High Street, Abergavenny, NP7 5RY.


E22/23: Update from Cllr Barnes on Environment Fair proposal.


E23/23: Report from Town Councillors attendance at external bodies relevant to this Committee:

  • Abergavenny and District Tourist Association: Cllrs Konieczny & Simcock
  • Abergavenny Food Forum: Cllrs Nicholson & Konieczny
  • Abergavenny In Bloom: Cllrs Konieczny & Wright
  • CCTV user group: Cllrs George & Jones
  • Friends of Linda Vista Gardens: Cllrs Callard & Simcock
  • Friends of Bailey Park: Cllrs Eldridge & Barnes
  • Friends of Castle Meadows: Cllrs Simcock & Callard
  • Monmouthshire Cc Planning Committee: Cllr Konieczny
  • Y Fenni Business Community: Cllrs Barnes & Eldridge


E24/23: Report from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to this Committee.


E25/23:  Items for consideration at the next meeting Wednesday 29th March 2023.



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