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Meet Councillor Kyle Eldridge from Park Ward Watch this short video of Kyle explain his vision for transforming Bailey Park into an Inclusive Haven.

Councillor Kyle Eldridge commented “I’m thrilled to introduce you to a heartfelt endeavor that holds immense significance to me – the transformation of Bailey Park into a haven of inclusivity.

Bailey Park is already a cherished space where our community gathers to unwind, play, and connect with the beauty of nature. Yet, I envision a future where it goes beyond being just a park – I see it as a place where every single person feels not only welcome but truly embraced.

This vision has taken shape in the form of sensory gardens, an exciting project that’s close to my heart. Having walked a unique path as an individual with autism, I understand the profound impact sensory gardens can have. These gardens offer therapeutic and calming environments, providing solace and comfort for individuals who may navigate sensory sensitivities.

Working closely with fellow councillors and community members, I’ve embarked on a journey to bring this vision to life. Together, we’re creating an inviting haven within Bailey Park, a space designed to inspire exploration, relaxation, and meaningful connections. By weaving the specific needs of individuals with autism and disabilities into the fabric of this project, we are cultivating an all-encompassing sanctuary within our park.

But I can’t do it alone – I need your support to turn this dream into reality. Together, we can enhance Bailey Park’s vibrancy, ensuring it stands as a testament to the power of unity and inclusiveness. By contributing to this transformative initiative, you’re not just creating a park – you’re helping to foster a sense of belonging and a shared space of joy for everyone.

So, let’s join hands and make a lasting impact on our community. Together, we can redefine what Bailey Park represents – a space that not only celebrates nature’s beauty but also celebrates the beautiful diversity that thrives within our community. With your invaluable support, Bailey Park will evolve into a vibrant and inclusive sanctuary, touching the lives of generations to come.”

If you would like to support Kyle’s vision for Bailey Park, the incredible community group ‘Friends of Bailey Park’ are always happy to welcome new volunteers.

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