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Abergavenny Town Council Applauds Nevill Street Businesses for Collaborative Effort with Keep Abergavenny Tidy to Establish Litter-Free Zone

Abergavenny Town Council is pleased to announce a partnership between Nevill Street businesses and Keep Abergavenny Tidy, as they jointly embrace the Litter Free Zone initiative from Keep Wales Tidy. This collaboration underscores a concerted effort to designate Nevill Street and St John’s Square as a Litter-Free Zone, symbolising a commitment to fostering a clean, welcoming, and professional community environment.

Local businesses on Nevill Street have actively engaged in regular clean-up activities, but this initiative with the Town Council and KAT not only addresses the immediate concern of litter but also aims to elevate the overall aesthetic appeal of the area, contributing to a more positive experience for residents and visitors alike.

The Nevill Street/St John’s Square Litter Free Zone comprises fourteen businesses: The Wool Croft, The King’s Arms, The Optic Shop, Marlow’s Place, Cooks Galley, Tracey Therapies, Chris Jones Regeneration, Madame Fromage, Parry’s Fine And Country, Feodora’s Hair And Beauty, Lamia Contract Hire And Leasing; Eclipse Hypnotherapy, Pink Angels Office Services, and the Media Agency. It’s hoped more will join in. Most of the businesses had already formed a WhatsApp group, but KAT says particular credit for this Litter Free Zone coming together is due to the organisational efforts of Ginevra at the Wool Croft.

To demonstrate their dedication, participating businesses prominently display Litter Free Zone stickers in their windows. These decals serve as visible indicators of their commitment to upholding a high standard of cleanliness within the community, with additional LFZ signage also adorning public spaces along Nevill Street and on St John’s Square.

The initiative had a well-attended launch session, graced by esteemed figures including County Councillors Laura Wright and Catherine Fookes, Abergavenny Mayor Cllr Anne Wilde, and Mayor’s Consort, Cllr Gareth Wilde. Councillor Laura Wright, who is the County and Town Councillor for Grofield Ward, expressed enthusiasm about the collaborative effort, stating, “This initiative exemplifies the power of community collaboration. By aligning with Keep Abergavenny Tidy and local businesses, we are collectively contributing to a cleaner, more vibrant environment for everyone.” Shortly after the event Councillor Maureen Powell was also keen to praise the new LFZ scheme and, more broadly, the efforts of the KAT volunteers.

Mayor Cllr Anne Wilde commended Nevill Street businesses for their proactive stance, stating, “We applaud the businesses of Nevill Street for taking a leadership role in maintaining a litter-free town. After Cross Street this is the second Litter Free Zone that is being established in Abergavenny. It is heartening to witness the community coming together for a common cause.”

As this collaborative initiative unfolds, Abergavenny Town Council and KAT encourage businesses throughout the region to consider participating in the Litter Free Zone programme. By collectively embracing these efforts, communities can play a pivotal role in cultivating a cleaner, more professional, and inviting environment.

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