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Annual Reports Delivered to Residences, Transitioning Towards Digital Distribution Next Year

Abergavenny Town Council is pleased to announce the distribution of its annual reports to all residents, both in physical copies delivered to their doors and available online. This marks a significant step in ensuring transparency and accessibility of information to the community.

In a continued effort to embrace sustainability practices and reduce environmental impact, the Town Council aims to transition towards digital distribution exclusively starting next year. This move aligns with broader efforts to minimise paper usage and promote eco-friendly alternatives.

Residents are encouraged to access the annual reports online, where they will be readily available for viewing and download. The digital format not only reduces paper waste but also offers convenient access to information anytime, anywhere.

Feedback and input from residents are integral to shaping the Town Council’s strategies and decisions. As such, if any residents have concerns or objections regarding the transition to digital distribution, they are encouraged to reach out to the Council via email at

The Town Council values the input and engagement of the community in its efforts towards sustainability and transparency. Together, we can work towards a greener and more efficient future for Abergavenny.

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