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Abergavenny Town Council Renews Commitment to Fairtrade Principles

The People and Communities Committee of Abergavenny Town Council recently welcomed representatives from Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum to discuss the town’s longstanding commitment to fair trade practices. With Abergavenny celebrating 17 years as a Fairtrade town, the council reaffirmed its support for promoting and utilising fair trade products whenever possible.

Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum, recognising the importance of consumer choices, is currently reviewing information on the availability of over 6000 fair trade products across retailers in the UK. Additionally, the forum remains dedicated to educating young people about fair trade principles through school visits and raising awareness of trade justice, equity, and sustainable development at local events.

During the meeting, Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum presented a certificate to the Chair of People and Communities, Councillor Gethin Jones, and Mayor Councillor Anne Wilde, recognising Abergavenny as a Fairtrade Community. The certificate will be prominently displayed in the Town Hall.

Councillor Gethin Jones announced the intention to propose a resolution at the Council, committing to the use of fair trade products at events and gatherings facilitated by the Town Council in the future. He emphasised the significant contribution of the Fairtrade Forum to raising awareness of Fairtrade within Abergavenny and pledged continued support for their efforts.

“We recognise the incredible contribution this group has made towards raising the profile of Fairtrade within Abergavenny,” stated Councillor Jones. “We are committed to supporting their ongoing efforts to educate everyone on the small changes we can make to support fair trade.”

Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to present to the Town Council, underscoring their commitment to spreading awareness about Fairtrade principles throughout the community.

“We continue to strive to spread the message about the importance of Fairtrade,” said a spokesperson for the Abergavenny Fairtrade Forum. “We are pleased that the Town Council will be committing to supporting this cause, ensuring the town recognises the dignity and rights of producers through a commitment to Fair Trade.”

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