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Abergavenny Town Council Hosts Unforgettable Community Dinner Celebrating Mayor Anne Wilde’s Term and Recognising Local Good Citizens

Abergavenny Town Council hosted a memorable community dinner on Thursday, April 25th, to commemorate the exemplary term of Mayor Anne Wilde, celebrating her significant contributions to the town and her dedicated support of various charities. The event, held at the Priory Centre, was a testament to Mayor Wilde’s efforts and the remarkable spirit of the Abergavenny community.

The evening was filled with warmth and appreciation as attendees gathered to honour Mayor Wilde’s term. Among the guests were representatives from respected local organisations, dedicated volunteers, and community members whose lives have been touched by Anne’s impactful initiatives.

Bernadette Kelly, representing MIND in the Gwent Monmouthshire Branch, expressed her delight: “It was a lovely night, and I enjoyed hearing about the other projects in the area.” Mike Skilton of Black Mountain Jazz extended his gratitude to Anne, remarking, “Please pass my thanks to Anne for an excellent and highly enjoyable evening last night.” Robert Parker of Abergavenny Rotary and Saxophonist commended the event as a “triumph,” highlighting the exceptional organisation and the vibrant community spirit on display.

The prestigious Good Citizen Awards were announced and bestowed upon deserving recipients during the dinner. The recipients of these awards, including Chris Jones, Belinda Dwyer, Bryn Probert, and Jeremy & Katrina Gass, were honoured for their outstanding contributions to the community. Brian Wellington, though not present at the meal, was recognised for his hard work.

Additionally, co-operative agreements were signed with prominent local organisations, emphasising their commitment to community development and collaboration. Mike Skilton of Black Mountain Jazz, Lucie Parkin of Abergavenny Writing Festival, and Ange Sampson of Bridge to Cross Charity (7 Corners) each secured three-year agreements to support the continued growth of their respective initiatives.

The event also featured the presentation of a Letter of Recognition to Andrew Richards from the Borough Band, honouring his remarkable 60 years of service to music.

Mayor Wilde expressed her gratitude to the community for their unwavering support throughout her term, stating, “It has been a privilege to serve as Mayor of Abergavenny, and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such dedicated individuals and organisations. Together, we have made a positive difference in our community, and I look forward to continuing this journey of growth and collaboration.”

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