Abergavenny In Bloom

Gold Winners 3 Years In a Row

For many years, Abergavenny Town Council, Friends of Bailey Park, Friends of Castle Meadows, Friends of Linda Vista Gardens, The Laurie Jones Community Orchard, Keep Abergavenny Tidy, Abergavenny Community Centre, Our Lady and St Michael’s RC Primary School plus other local primary schools, businesses, volunteer groups and organisations across the town, have worked on improving the natural environment in and around the town.  

With interest in the biodiversity of the town being a significant factor for many residents and visitors to come and spend time in town, Abergavenny In Bloom continues to enable all interested parties to participate in becoming part of the wider team working to improve our natural environment, increase the biodiversity of the town’s street scape, and integrate our green spaces that we are so very fortunate to have right here on our doorstep.

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Our aim is to help educate people about the importance of greening the landscape around us in any small way we can, be it a plant on a window sill, a window box or hanging basket on a building, planters scattered throughout the urban areas, and links to wider green spaces to immerse yourself in nature. Now more than ever it is incredibly important for our wellbeing to make sure these areas are enhanced and protected for all generations, both now and in the future.

Plant Monitoring Dashboard

At Abergavenny Town Council, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and efficiency in maintaining the greenery across our town. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Plant Monitoring Dashboard, designed to keep track of the water and moisture levels in our plants all year round.

This innovative dashboard allows us to achieve better efficiencies in our plant care practices. By closely monitoring water levels, we can avoid overwatering plants, thereby reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting responsible water usage.

Furthermore, the dashboard provides valuable insights into the moisture and temperature of the soil, helping us make informed decisions to ensure the health and vitality of our green spaces.

Join us in our efforts to nurture and preserve Abergavenny’s natural beauty while embracing sustainable practices for a greener future! Explore our Plant Monitoring Dashboard today and witness the impact of our collective commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Hello, Abergavenny community, Are you eager to witness the incredible transformation of our town’s planters, trees, and green spaces? Look no further! Abergavenny In Bloom invites you to join us on social media to witness the spectacular work accomplished by our dedicated councillors, businesses, and schools.

We are a growing group of volunteers across all sectors, and we pride ourselves on being open and welcoming – we look forward to showing you the wonders of our town through Abergavenny In Bloom, and look forward to introducing you to this incredible community.

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