Minutes of the Artefacts Committee held on Monday 11th March 2019 at 7pm in the Mayor’s Parlour, Town Hall, Abergavenny


            Cllr G Jones (Chair)

Cllr S Dodd

Cllr L Van de Vyver

Cllr T Thomas

Cllr T Konieczny

In attendance:

J Lee (Town Clerk)

Apologies for absence   None  
Declarations of Interest   None  
To consider refurbishment of the Mayoral Chain and Consorts Chain  
A quotation has been received for the refurbishment of the Mayoral Chain from specialist civic insignia company Fattorini. This quotation was based on photos sent to the company. The quotation of £1111.56 is for cleaning and re-enamelling with an additional cost of £220 for replacement of the velvet backing totalling £1331.56  
The Mayoral Chain was examined by Councillors and it was agreed it is in poor condition and does not reflect well on the Council. It was therefore agreed that the chain should be repaired.   The Consorts Chain is a larger chain but not in such a poor state of repair. A quotation has not been received however a similar figure of £1350 is assumed for these discussions.  

It was agreed that the Consorts Chain should be cleaned and repaired.  

It was suggested that the Mayoral Chain is repaired first during which time the Mayor can wear the Consorts Chain.  

It was suggested that appropriate cases are purchased for the chains. The current carrying bags are not suitable and the enamelling can easily be damaged.    

Cllr Konieczny informed the Committee that the Deputy Mayors & Mayoress medallions need cleaning and re-enamelling.  

It was agreed that these are also repaired and the costs of undertaking all the repairs are funded from reserves.  

It was agreed that Fattorini are approved as the Town Council’s preferred supplier for civic insignia.  

A request was made for the condition of the mace to be investigated and if appropriate a quotation for cleaning obtained
To consider the revised asset register and make proposals as to future arrangements for the assets in light of the works at the Town Hall  

The Committee considered a report which contained a list of assets in the Mayor’s Parlour together with a summary of the results of discussions between the Town Clerk, MCC Museums Service and an auctioneer from Straker, Chadwick & Sons Furniture.  

The furniture in the Mayor’s Parlour in total is worth under £1000. As the new Parlour is smaller careful consideration was given to the suitability of the existing furniture and how it would impact on the use of the Parlour.  

It is recommended that all the furniture (except the Investiture Chair) is disposed of at the next auction on 24th May 2019 except for 3 rectangular tables from the Chamber which will be stored and used in the Mayor’s Parlour should new furniture not be available.  

A request was made for the Town Clerk to obtain a cost for modern flexible furniture for the Mayor’s Parlour.  


The list of pictures and ornaments were discussed at length.
It was agreed that many of the objects currently stored in the Mayor’s Parlour and not on display should be found new homes.

Many of these objects have been gifts from Twinning visits.  

It was agreed that a letter will be sent to both Twinning Associations. The letter would list the objects requiring rehoming with the proposal that unless the Twinning Associations want any of the items then the Town Council would welcome assistance from the Twinning Associations in finding suitable buildings for their display such as community buildings.

The Sarno paintings would be offered directly to community organisations with buildings.  

Following discussions with MCC Museums Service there are a number of items that the Museum would take into their collection. The Committee agreed with the items suggested and considered that this should be on the basis of an indefinite loan.  

NB: On discussion with Museums, accepting items on an indefinite loan is not accepted practice by the profession. Therefore, items from the Town Council would need to be given to the Museum collection.  

Books There are a number of books from Sarno, Ostringen and Beaupreau. The library does not want these books. It was agreed to keep more recent books and then if the Twinning Associations do not want the books then they will be offered to Broadleaf Books for free.  

Sale of objects There are a number of objects that have limited saleable value so it is suggested that these are sold at the next auction, these are listed below:  

Various silver plated/pewter salversInk stand with calendar on a wooden baseHorse Show Plaque (silver)Bronzed temple light from IndiaVarious silver ornaments currently in display cabinet.  

Robes The condition of the robes was discussed and the Town Clerk has been asked to identify a garment repairer. Following repairs the robes are to be cleaned, Council has already agreed to have the robes cleaned.    

Meeting closed at 8.15pm


1. That the Mayoral chain & Consorts chain should be repaired at an estimate of £1350 each  JL
2. That the Deputy Mayor and Mayoress medallion should be cleaned and re-enamelled  JL
3. That Fattorini is approved as the Town Council’s preferred supplier for civic insignia  JL
4. That all the furniture (except 3 Council Chamber tables) is sold at the next furniture auction  JL
5. That the Twinning Associations are contacted with a request to liaise with the Town Council to find new homes for surplus objects and pictures  JL
6. Surplus books are offered to the Twinning Associations after which they will be offered to Broadleaf Books for free.  JL
7. That a number of items listed in ‘Sale of Objects’ above are sold at auction  JL
8. That repairs are made to the robes  JL