Chairman –    Cllr T Davies (Mayor)

Cllr T Konieczny

Cllr M Hickman

Cllr G Jones

Cllr N Tatam

Cllr P Simcock

Cllr R Harris

Cllr M Harris

Cllr M Groucutt

Cllr T Thomas

Cllr F Morgan

Cllr M Lewis

Cllr D Simcock

In attendance:

J Lee (Town Clerk)

Prior to the commencement of the meeting, Cllr Davies thanked Councillors for their support during her Mayoral year. Cllr D Simcock proposed a vote of thanks, all agreed.

146/18Declarations of Interest   To be declared during the meeting.  
147/18Minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 13th March 2019  

The Minutes of Council held on 13th March 2019 were received and adopted as a correct record. Proposed by Cllr Jones, seconded Cllr Hickman  

Matters arising  
The Town Council has contacted MCC Environmental Health for an update regarding evidence gathering of air pollution along the A40 through the town

A more detailed report on taking forward the closure of White Horse Lane toilets was considered at Projects Committee on 27 March

Action to arrange another Policy Committee is carried forward

Contact has been made with MCC Engineers regarding the Llanfoist/Abergavenny Cycle-Pedestrian bridge. Councillors were informed that MCC have lodged the appeal with the Planning Inspectorate but have not yet been given any indication of timescale.

A letter was sent to Cllr D Simcock wishing him well. Cllr D Simcock thanked the Council for his letterThe proposal for the setting up of a Creative Youth Award is carried forward

The revisions to the small grants scheme have been made

Festival organisers have been informed of the Council’s decision re sponsorship

The Town Council response re community arrangements were sent to WG. An acknowledgement has been received.

A Strategy sub group meet and revised the strategy  
148/18Minutes of Planning Committee held on Wednesday 13th March 2019  

The Minutes of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday 13th March were received and adopted as a correct record. Proposed Cllr Morgan, seconded Cllr Konieczny.  

Matters Arising  

Cllr Konieczny informed Council that the planning application for the pavilion in the Castle Grounds had been refused by MCC Planning Committee. Cllr R Harris informed the meeting that as the recommendation by MCC Planning Committee was against officer recommendation, the application will return to committee.

The Town Clerk was asked to contact MCC Planning to establish whether the Town Council’s representative could address MCC Planning Committee when the application returns.  
149/18 Minutes of Artefacts Committee held on Monday 11th March 2019  

The minutes of the Artefacts Committee held on Wednesday 20th February were received and adopted as a correct record. Proposed Cllr Konieczny, seconded Cllr Thomas.  

Matters Arising  

The following recommendations were agreed That the Mayoral Chain & Consorts chain should be repaired at an estimate of £1350 each

That the Deputy Mayor & Mayoress medallion should be cleaned and re-enamelled

That Fattorini is approved as the Town Council’s preferred supplier for civic insignia

That all furniture (except 3 Council Chamber tables) is sold at the next furniture auction

That the Twinning Associations are contact to help find new homes for surplus twinning pictures. That surplus twinning books are offered the Associations after which they will be offered to Broadleaf Books for free

That surplus ornaments are sold at auction

The repairs are made to the robes.  
150/18Minutes of the Projects Committee held on Wednesday 27th March 2019  

The minutes of the Finance Committee held on Wednesday 27th March were received and adopted as a correct record with the addition of recording the apologies from Cllr Dodd. Proposed by Cllr M Harris, seconded by Cllr Konieczny.  

Matters Arising  

The following recommendations were agreed £5000 of the summer playscheme budget is used for activities for 12+ age group.

Town Council writes to MCC to express importance of a properly resourced Youth Service and disappointment that the Youth Service currently does not have the capacity to potentially accommodate a larger programme of summer activity should funding from sources additional to the Town Council become available. This concern was expressed after the Town Clerk provided feedback on discussions with the Youth Service regarding  making an approach to Rotary & Round Table to increase the summer activity programme.

Town Council pursues the transfer of Bus Station, Castle Street & Brewery Yard toilets when acceptable transfer terms have been negotiated (vote carried, with 3 against) and that the Town Council continues negotiations with MCC with 2019/20 being a transition year and in the meantime continues to contribute to keep the four blocks open and for opening arrangements of Bailey Park toilets to continue . 
151/18Minutes of Events Committee held on Tuesday 2nd April  

The minutes of the Events Committee held on Tuesday 2nd April were received and adopted as a correct record with the addition of recording the apologies of Cllr Davies and changing the venue of the next meeting to Central Chambers. Proposed Cllr Konieczny, seconded Cllr Morgan.  

Matters Arising  

The Town Clerk informed Councillors that the date of the Play Event in north Abergavenny is Sunday 12th May not 19th May as stated in the minutes  

Cllr Konieczny reminded Councillors about the Choir Concert on Sunday 14th and requested help with the set up at 10.30am on Sunday morning  

Cllr Morgan informed Councillors that at Events Committee he requested that consideration is given to organising different types of events such as raft races.    
152/18Finance Report    

The following payments were authorised
Ricoh (outstanding payment photocopier)                                                     £3.43
OVW (conference fee Cllr Davies)                                                                 £55.00
March Office costs (inc Pension, tax & NI)                                                    £4501.68
Specific Allowances                                                                                        £800
Planning Aid Wales (training)                                                                         £4900
MCC (women’s books)                                                                                   £300
Thursdays Trust (small grant)                                                                        £1500
Rialtas Business Solutions (software support 19/20)                                    £454
Abergavenny Carnival Group (large grant)                                                    £2500
MCC (bunting)                                                                                                £1401.13
Merlin Waste (April dog waste bin emptying)                                                £637.50 Abergavenny-Beaupreau Twinning Association                                            £6000
Office Costs April (inc Pension, tax & NI)                                                      £4474.33
Phoenix Singers (donation choir event)                                                         £100
Abercappella (donation choir event)                                                              £100
AAODS (donation choir event)                                                                       £100
Tenovus Cancer Care (donation choir event)                                                £100
Abergavenny Arts (sponsorship)                                                                    £4500
Abergavenny Cycle Group (sponsorship)                                                      £4500
Abergavenny Writing Festival (sponsorship)                                                 £1000
7 Corners (IYE festival sponsorship)                                                             £500
Abergavenny Eisteddfod (sponsorship)                                                         £2200
ADTA (sponsorship)                                                                                       £1800
J.Lee Expenses (postage, stationery, signage)                                             £20.57    

Month 12 report was accepted. The Town Clerk drew Councillors attention to the balance at the end of month 12 which is approximately £30,000 increase on end of year 2017/18. The Year End Closedown has not yet been done so this figure will change but the level of reserves should be monitored.  
153/18Town Council Strategy & Action Plan  

The revised Strategy & Action Plan was approved. Proposed Cllr Morgan, seconded Cllr Konieczny, 13 in favour, 1 against  
154/18Town Council PSB Wellbeing Annual Report  

The Clerk informed Council that the template is being adopted by all four Town Councils in Monmouthshire. The report was agreed, proposed by Cllr D Simcock, seconded Cllr Morgan, vote carried unanimously  
155/18Town Hall Refurbishment  

Councillors considered the report setting out implications that the Town Hall refurbishment have on the Town Council rooms. The following was agreed:  

That the items for the Museum are donated not loaned

That all Council Chamber furniture (except 3 tables) is sold at auction

The Mayoral photos are removed and placed in an album and copies uploaded on the Council website

Funding is committed for the refit of the new Mayor’s Parlour

A public statement is prepared regarding the sale of furniture and rehoming of artefacts

That a revised Asset Register is presented to the May Council meeting    
156/18Town Council’s response to the MCC Toilet Strategy  

Councillors agreed the response to the MCC Toilet Strategy with the addition that there should be a Changing Places toilet in Monmouthshire.

The response will include the following    

Abergavenny Town Council would welcome involvement with MCC in determining how to best utilise the one- off £17,200 payment.

The issue of drug-taking in toilets across the County requires a county-wide response. Closing toilet blocks or changing opening times may result in the problem moving elsewhere so other preventative measures may need to be considered and implemented. 

As MCC does not own or manage the majority of public toilets in the County, how does MCC propose to ensure the provision of clean, safe and accessible toilets?

Further clarification is sought on what constitutes a sustainable toilet as referred to in paragraph 4.1 “… the Authority seeks to ensure the provision of clean, safe, accessible and sustainable toilets”

How has the strategy accommodated future projections of the doubling of over 65’s as identified in the Well being Assessment and referred to in paragraph 7.2

There is little reference to needs of families using public toilets. This is an omission from the strategy.

The Town Council would support a grading system or a Loo of the Year Award for the County.

Clarification is sought on how Abergavenny Town Council will be included in future Problem Solving Groups relating to anti-social behaviour in public toilets

MCC has a role to play in sharing good practice from within the County and across Wales and this should be a separate action

Appendix B – A key is required as currently the reader does not know what the letters in the columns represent.    
157/18 Questions from Town Councillors to County Councillors on local issues/Information from County Councillors to members  

Cllr Lewis asked County Councillors for MCC’s views on whether the installation of 5G poses a health risk. Cllr R Harris informed councillors that this was not a planning consideration. Cllr Groucutt suggested that the Town Clerk writes to the Chair of MCC Stronger Communities Committee to request their view.  

Cllr Morgan asked for more details on the routes that the civil enforcement team would be taking and what number to ring to report illegal parking. Number would be the main 01633 644644  

Cllr Konieczny asked about whether residents parking should be considered for some roads in the town, Cllr Groucutt stated that currently residents can apply. Cllr P Simcock informed councillors that the current criteria would give each resident 1 permit and the street has to be able to accommodate 1 parking space per house.

Cllr Tatam asked Cllr Groucutt to confirm whether MonLife is being disbanded. Cllr Groucutt confirmed that this is the case.  
158/18Members Reports from External Bodies  

Cllr Groucutt – None
Cllr R Harris – None
Cllr M Harris – Accompanied
Mayor to Gwent Bach Choir,
ELSA Cllr Hickman – None
Cllr Konieczny – Funeral of Graham Cummings
Cllr Lewis – Retirement party for D Skinner
Cllr Jones – None
Cllr Tatam – BBNPA meeting.
Team Abergavenny, OVW Area Committee
Cllr P Simcock – NMAC
Cllr Morgan – None
Cllr S Dodd – None
Cllr D Simcock – None
Cllr Thomas – None
Cllr T Davies – Judging Youth Speaks, ELSA, Bailey Park Lottery Bid meeting, 7 Corners Fundraiser, ADTA brochure launch, Cantref governors, OWV conference  

There being no other business the meeting ended at 8.35pm


Action Name
To continue discussions with MCC/WG re gathering evidence re air pollution along the A40 through the townJL
Arrange another Policy CommitteeJL
That a proposal for the setting up of a Creative Youth Award is prepared.TD
MCC Planning is contacted to establish if Town Council rep can address Planning Committee when the Castle Pavilion application returnsJL
To arrange for the restoration of the chainsJL
To arrange for the sale of the furniture, rehoming of objectsJL
To arrange for the repair of the robesJL
Write to MCC regarding importance of and capacity of Youth ServiceJL
To continue discussions with MCC re transfer of toiletsJL
Submit the MCC Toilet Strategy Consultation ResponseJL
Letter is sent to Chair of MCC Stronger Communities Committee to request further information regarding reports that installation of 5G could pose a public health riskJL