Chairman –    Cllr T Konieczny (Mayor)

Cllr G Jones

Cllr N Tatam

Cllr M Groucutt

Cllr D Simcock

Cllr S Dodd

Cllr L Van de Vyver

Cllr T Davies

Cllr M Harris

Cllr R Harris

Cllr F Morgan

In attendance:

J Lee (Town Clerk)

35/19Apologies   Apologies were received from Cllrs M Hickman, T Thomas, M Lewis, P Simcock. Council resolved to accept the reasons for apologies.  
36/19Declarations of Interest   Cllrs R Harris and M Groucutt declared an interest in agenda item 16 regarding Abergavenny Community Enterprise Partnership as they are both on the Management Board and took no part in the discussions or vote.  
37/19To receive and if appropriate to adopt the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on Wednesday 12th June 2019.   Resolved to adopt the minutes with the change to 29/19 to read “….closed footpath between Regent Street and Victoria Street.”    
38/19Matters Arising   Policy Committee to be arrangedWaiting to hear from MCC if they will be putting in an order for dog bins so 2 for Abergavenny can be added to the orderStickers for dog bins are being produced by MCC for all C&TCs across MonmouthshireAdopt a garden scheme research underwayTown Council branded items report on agendaInvitation to Oliver Barton, Linda Vista Gardens deferred until space on agendaMeeting with KHS School ongoingAdvice re DBS checks carried forwardVE75 sub group to be arrangedHonorarium & Hospitality policies to be draftedInvitation to MCC Green Infrastructure officer deferred until space on agendaAFF confirmed that local traders have register to have stalls in Frogmore StAnnual Governance Statements sent to External AuditorSpecial Council arrangedInvitation to CCTV operator deferred until space on agenda    
39/19To receive and if appropriate adopt the minutes of the Planning Committee held on Wednesday 12th June 2019   Resolved to adopt the minutes  
40/19Matters arising   Cllr Tatam reported that the wall at 38 Princes Street has been built.  
41/19To receive and if appropriate adopt the minutes of Special Council held on Tuesday 25th June 2019   Resolved to adopt the minutes  
42/19Matters arising   None  
43/19To receive and if appropriate adopt the minutes of Projects Committee held on Wednesday 26th June 2019   Resolved to adopt the minutes  
44/19 Matters arising   Resolved that £50,000 is provided for the Borough Theatre refurbishment work  
45/19 To receive and if appropriate adopt the minutes of Finance Committee held on 3rd July 2019   Resolved to adopt the minutes  
46/19 Matters arising   Resolved to approve the following small grants Black Mountain Jazz £900Summer Reading Challenge £125Keep Abergavenny Tidy £70   Resolved to defer the following grant for reconsideration at next Finance Committee Bridges Centre £919.15   Resolved to appoint Auditing Solutions Ltd as the Internal Auditor 2019/20   Resolved for the Town Clerk to purchase a new monitor at the cost of £175  
47/19 Finance ReportJuly payments authorisedMonth 3 report noted
48/19 To consider and approve the revised report on the new committee structure and scheme of delegation   Resolved that new committees be established with the following chairs Policy & Resources Cllr Groucutt, People & Communities Cllr Davies and Environment Cllr Konieczny.   Vice Chairs and Chair of Service Delivery Sub Committee to be agreed at the first meeting of the respective Committees   To adopt the scheme of delegation    
49/19 To consider and approve the Partnership Agreement with Abergavenny Food Festival   Resolved to revisit the Partnership Agreement in light of advice from Cllr F Morgan on specific wording and to approve £10,000 to the Food Festival in 2019/20  
50/19 To consider and approve the Partnership Agreement with Abergavenny Community Enterprise Partnership   Resolved to approve the Partnership Agreement
51/19To consider and approve the Partnership Agreement with Monmouthshire County Citizens Advice   Resolved to approve the Partnership Agreement
52/19 To consider and approve the report on revised proposals for the construction of the Castle Pavilion   This agenda item was withdrawn. Discussions on the Castle Pavilion project will be on the Projects Committee agenda on 31st July.  
53/19 To consider and approve the cost breakdown of Town Council branded items   Resolved to purchase lanyards, name badges, hi-viz from Dynamite Branding and business cards to be sourced from an alternative supplier  
54/19 To consider and if appropriate approve the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant   Resolved to sign the Armed Forces Covenant  
55/19 Questions from Town Councillors to County Councillors on local issues/Information from County Councillors to members   Cllr D Simcock requested more information on the planned bus stop by Tescos. Cllr Groucutt informed members that MCC officers were meeting with WG officials to discuss a solution. Cllr Dodd asked that the vegetation in the raised beds is cut back as visibility is difficult.   Cllr Groucutt informed members that BBNPA has recently published document as part of the LDP replacement with sites identified to help Abergavenny in expansion plans and a proposed site promoted by MHA for 150 houses at the top of Pen y pound  
56/19 Members Reports from attendance at External Bodies   Cllr Dodd informed members that ADTA is getting another 5000 Visit Abergavenny brochures printed Cllr Van De Vyver attended Team Abergavenny & Friends of Bailey Park Cllr Konieczny attended all necessary Mayoral engagements  

There being no other business the meeting ended at 8.45pm