Recovering Financial Allowances

Recovering Financial Allowances


1.1 Abergavenny Town Council has a duty to ensure good financial management and appropriate use of its funds. 

1.2 Abergavenny Town Council adopts the IRPW (Independent Remuneration Panel Wales) mandatory allowances and annually takes a decision on the discretionary allowances which Councillors are entitled to receive for carrying out their duties.  

1.3 The allowances are generally paid in advance in full or staged. 


2.1 This policy sets out the circumstances in which financial allowances paid in advance will be recovered or not recovered. This policy applies to all allowances. 

2.2 The Town Council will seek to recover the allowance should a Councillor resign from office or be disqualified from office. Any allowance paid in advance will be reclaimed on a pro rata basis. A part month will not be included in the repayment calculation.   

2.3 The Town Council will not seek to recover the allowance in the following circumstances: 

  • Bereavement 
  • Long term illness which results in long term absence  
  • When the Town Council has been informed and accepted an apology from a Councillor for long term absence  


 3.1. The Town Clerk will formally write to the ex-Town Councillor requesting the repayment of the allowance, allowing one month in which to make the payment or to contact the Town Clerk to discuss alternative repayment terms.  

3.2 Should the repayment not be made, or contact not made with the Town Clerk, then the matter will be brought back to Policy & Resources Committee for consideration of further fair and proportionate action.   

Review date 13 November 2021