E26/23: To receive and approve apologies for absence.

E27/23: To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.

E28/23: To receive and approve the minutes from the last meeting on 22nd February 2023.

E29/23: To receive a presentation and cooperation agreement proposal from Laurie Jones Community Orchard.

E30/23: To receive a verbal update on the Gwent Green Grid Partnership’s Greater Gwent Goes Wild Event on 20th May 2023 in Bailey Park.

E31/23: To receive and note an update from the Town Clerk (Abergavenny In BloomSection 6 Report).

E32/23: To receive and note the Service Delivery update  (doc 1 doc 2 doc3).

E33/23: To receive and approve a Finance update on the Environment Budget headings.

E34/23: To consider and make recommendations regarding the following planning applications:

DM/2023/00070 Refurbishment and re-branding of existing motor retail facility. Merthyr Road Garage, Merthyr Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 5DB.

DM/2023/00274 Erection of garden room at bottom of garden. 65 North Street, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7EB.

DM/2023/00329 The building of a 2.2 x 4.1 meter home office in the garden. St Christopher, 23 Hatherleigh Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7RG.

DM/2023/00286 LBC -1) To replace 6no 1983 soft wood, single glazed windows. Ref N1, N2, W2, S1,S2, S3 on attached photographs. To be replaced by hard wood, joinery made,
double glazed windows, which replicate the existing windows, with the exception of S1 and S2 Southern Elevation (rear) which will replicate my neighbours original rear windows i.e. casement window (as is) with additional horizontal (transom) bar (2no over 2no) 2) To apply for retrospective consent for retention of 1no unauthorised, hard wood, sealed, double glazed window 750mm by 250mm on the first floor Western Elevation (side) ref W1 on attached photographs. 26 Merthyr Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 5BT.

DM/2021/01595 Change of use to create 4 no. new flats in existing building (2 floors) with associated facilities and car parking. Internal conversion only with some external upgrades. Some external landscaping works. 56 Brecon Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7RB. Amendment Details: New Development Description, new build element removed, proposal is to convert existing building (2 floors) into flats.

DM/2023/00402 Listed Building Consent Heritage. Installation of access for all Footbridge and associated works at Abergavenny Railway Station. Abergavenny Railway Station, Station Road, Abergavenny, NP7 5HS. 

E35/23: Report from Town Councillors attendance at external bodies relevant to this Committee:
• Abergavenny and District Tourist Association: Cllrs Konieczny & Simcock
• Abergavenny Food Forum: Cllrs Nicholson & Konieczny
• Abergavenny In Bloom: Cllrs Konieczny & Wright
• CCTV user group: Cllrs George & Jones
• Friends of Linda Vista Gardens: Cllrs Callard & Simcock
• Friends of Bailey Park: Cllrs Eldridge & Barnes
• Friends of Castle Meadows: Cllrs Simcock & Callard
• Monmouthshire Cc Planning Committee: Cllr Konieczny
• Y Fenni Business Community: Cllrs Barnes & Eldridge

E36/23: Report from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to this Committee.

E37/23: Items for consideration at the next meeting Wednesday 26th April 2023.