Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 3rd July 2019

at 7pm in the Melville Centre, Abergavenny


Cllr T Davies (Chair)

Cllr D Simcock

Cllr G Jones

Cllr L Van de Vyver

In attendance: Jane Lee (Town Clerk)

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllrs Dodd, P Simcock, N Tatam


The following applications were discussed and recommended for approval

The expected application from Abergavenny Crafty Women was not received.

The Committee considered the report setting out the quotations received from three companies.

It is recommended that the company identified in the report as Company B is appointed as the internal auditor for 2019/20.

It is recommended that a new monitor is purchased for the Town Clerk at a cost of 175.00

Councillors considered the report setting out the earmarked and general reserves. A question was asked about how long earmarked reserves should remain if there were uncertainties about the project. The Town Clerk advised that the earmarked reserves should remain until it is clear that the project will not be progressing.

The Town Clerk informed the Committee that a grant of 200 has been awarded to the Town Council from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water for Refill Abergavenny. The Town Clerk asked the Committee if they were happy to accept the grant. It was agreed to accept the grant.


 To approve the following small grants:   Black Mountain Jazz 900 Summer Reading Challenge 125 Bridges Centre 919.15 subject to match funding being confirmed and that the project is going ahead Keep Abergavenny Tidy 70  
 To appoint Auditing Solutions Ltd as the Internal Auditor for 2019/20  
 To agree for the purchase of a new monitor for the Town Clerk at a cost of 175  

The meeting closed at 7.37pm