Minutes of the Finance Committee held on Wednesday 6 September 2017 at 6pm in the Mayor`s Parlour, Town Hall, Abergavenny

Present: Cllr S Head (Chairman), Cllrs Mrs P Simcock, Ms S Dodd, Mrs T Davies, F Morgan, D Simcock and N Tatam.

In attendance The Acting Town Clerk

  1. Apologies for absence were received  from Cllr G Jones

It was also confirmed that Cllr Dodd had been nominated to be a member of this Committee

The Acting Clerk asked members whether they wished to develop their approach to dealing with the public toilets in the Town. After some discussion it was agreed that this should be referred to the Projects Committee who should be provided with a summary of previous considerations to assist them to plot a way forward. A decision is needed before the precept is made and notified to the County Council in January.

A detailed  application from Abergavenny Road Club to support Crosstober Wales was considered. This event was growing from strength to strength as the sport grows in popularity across Europe.  It is now the only event of this significant status in the UK, and as such it receives good television coverage and brings good publicity to Abergavenny. As the event has grown it involves more outlay and organisation and a bid for 2500 was received, which is about 10% of the total cost of the event. After discussion it was agreed to recommend  support for the event and to propose a grant of 2000.

           It was noted that the general grants heading in the budget was overspent and

          doubt was cast on whether this was accurate. The Clerk would check what

          was included there to see if it had been wrongly coded.

The current year budget  papers were received and noted together with the explanatory note on how the precept is translated into the Council Tax. This was considered useful information to be used in budget preparation in the next few months.

The draft letter to the Internal Auditor was received and recommended for approval by Council.  The Clerk would confirm it with Mr Bees after Council next week.

There is a need to relocate a lighting box for Christmas Lights on the front of 23 Frogmore Street into an adjacent Alleyway for refurbishment of the building. An estimate of 325 plus vat was noted and this could be covered from within the Christmas lights budget. It was recommended that this be agreed.

Cllr G Jones had asked that consideration be given to changing the time of the meeting from 6pm to 7pm to enable him to attend. He had difficulty getting to the meeting at present due to work commitments. After discussion at which it was clear that there was not complete agreement among members, it was agreed that the Chairman be delegated to discuss it with CllrJones before arriving at a conclusion.

There being no other business, the meeting ended at 7:05pm

Summary of recommendations:

  1. That the Future arrangements for public toilets be referred to Projects Committee.
  2. That a grant of 450 be made to the Festival at the Castle on 23 September.
  3. That a grant of 2000 be made to the Crosstober Event.
  4. The Clerk to investigate the General Grants Budget and to report back on the Freedom Parade costs.
  5. The Budget Strategy papers be received for future reference.
  6. The Appointment of Mr Bees as Internal Auditor be confirmed on the term set out in the letter
  7. The Christmas lighting alteration be agreed and carried out.
  8. The time of the Finance Committee be discussed with Cllr Jones by the Chairman before a decision is made.