FC 11/23. To receive and approve apologies for absence.

FC 12/23. To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.

FC 13/23. To receive and approve theminutesof the last meeting held on 15th February 2023.

FC 14/23. To consider a nomination for the Good Citizens Award.

FC15/23: To receive and note theSpring Update from MCC on King Henry VIII 3-19 School.

FC 16/23: To consider reviewing Standing Orders and adopting updated submission from OVW, in preparation for the AGM on 10th May 2023.

FC 17/23. To receive reports from Councillors attendance at external bodies which are relevant to Full Council:
Armed Forces Champion: Cllr M Powell & Cllr T Konieczny
Governor of Cantref School: Cllr B Callard
Governor of Deri View Primary School: Cllr G Jones
Governor of King Henry VIII School: Cllr B Nicholson
Governor of Our Lady & St Michael School: Cllr T Konieczny
Governor of Ysgol Y Fenni: Cllr G Jones
King Henry VIII Foundation: Cllr B Nicholson and Cllr B Callard
North Monmouthshire Area Committee: Mayor and Town Clerk
North Monmouthshire Liaison Committee: Mayor and Town Clerk
One Voice Wales: Cllr D Simcock and Cllr T Konieczny

FC 18/23. To receive reports from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to Full Council.

FC 19/23. To note the AGM date of Wednesday 10th May 2023, and to consider items for the agenda of the next Full Council Meeting after this on 17th May 2023.