FC 40/22. To receive and approve apologies for absence

FC 41/22. To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda

FC 42/22. To receive and approve the minutes of the last meeting held on 12th October 2022.

FC 43/22. To receive a Presentation from Cllr Paul Griffith and Mark Hand from MCC on the proposed RLDP.

FC 44/22: To nominate a Councillor for consideration to join the Temporary Board for KHS.

FC 45/22. To consider the following planning applications:

DM/2022/01544 Minor external proposals to the existing Nevill Hall Hospital; Additional roof-top plant (2no. AHUs + 2no. Chillers, sat on Big Foot System supports) and associated ductwork will be required to service a new cancer unit being proposed at the existing hospital. The ductwork will vertically link the rooftop plant with the plant at Level 02; An old and derelict sliding

door system at the centre of the Level 02 ‘H-block’ will also be replaced with new glazing in the form of a curtain wall. Nevill Hall Hospital, Brecon Road, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 7EG.

FC 46/22. To receive reports from Councillors attendance at external bodies which are relevant to Full Council:

FC 47/22.  To receive reports from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to Full Council.

FC 48/22. To consider items for the agenda of the next Full Council Meeting to be held on 18th February 2023.