Minutes of the Planning Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 8 November 2017 after the Council Meeting in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Abergavenny.

Present: Cllr D Simcock (Mayor)

Cllrs M Groucutt, Mrs M Harris, M Hickman, T Konieczny, N Tatam, Mrs P Simcock, L Van de Vyver, F Morgan, Mrs T Davies.

In attendance: The Acting Town Clerk

1. Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs T Thomas, G Jones, R Harris and Ms S Dodd.

2. Declarations of Interest were received from Cllr Groucutt concerning DC/2017/01256 and Cllr Hickman concerning DC/2017/01089. They took no part in the discussion of these items.

3. The following applications were recommended for approval:

DC/2017/01089 First Floor Extension over existing garage, garage conversion and single storey roof alterations and drive alterations to form an in-out drive at 12 Plas Derwen Way, Abergavenny

DC/2017/01178 New front entrance porch at Pendower Cottage, 28 Grosvenor Rd, Abergavenny

DC/2017/00908 Proposed new chimney at 21 Baker Street, Abergavenny

DC/2017/01177 Replacement of existing aluminium and wood framed sash windows with white UPVC units. Replacement of partially rotten main front door and surround with a new aluminium or composite door and UPVC surround at Priory Court ,4 Hereford Rd, Abergavenny

DC/2017/01212 Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) from DC/2017/00761 at Esso Garage, Hereford Rd, Abergavenny

DC/2017/01216 Demolition and replacement of existing rear single storey extension and garage at 3 Holywell Crescent, Abergavenny

4. The following applications were recommended for refusal on the grounds stated:

DC/2017/01256 Retrospective Planning to move garden hut from right hand side of front elevation of my house to parallel to the front elevation of my house and to create a stepping stone path patio to hut at 22a Penypound, Abergavenny. The applicant flouted the original approval conditions and they should be upheld.

DC/2017/01249 Signage to proposed supermarket. New Totem pole at site entrance. Abergavenny Cattle Market, Lion St Abergavenny The height of the Totem Sign is considered to be too obtrusive.

There being no other business the meeting ended at 9:03pm