PR 97/22 To receive and approve apologies for absence.

PR 98/22 To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.

PR 99/22 To approve the minutes from 28th September 2022.

PR 100/22 Finance: To approve month 6 reports.

PR 101/22: To receive and consider a grant application from Abergavenny Rhinos FC for £1000 towards the purchase of eight battery powered portable lights.

PR 102/22: To receive and consider an application for funding/sponsorship from Contemporancient Theatre CIC for a community arts project in conjunction with the Plas Gunter Mansion.

PR 103/22 To receive reports from Councillors attendance at external bodies which are relevant to this Committee:

PR 104/22 Report from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to this Committee.

PR 105/22 To consider items for the next meeting on 9th November 2022: