Minutes of the Projects Committee held on Wednesday 26th June  2019 at 7pm at ACE, Hillcrest Road, Abergavenny


Chairman –    Cllr T Konieczny  

Cllr M Groucutt

Cllr P Simcock

Cllr G Jones

Cllr T Thomas

Cllr M Hickman

Cllr R Harris

Cllr M Harris

Cllr T Davies

Absent with apologies: Cllrs Tatam, Morgan, Lewis

In attendance:

J Lee (Town Clerk)


Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs S Dodd, D Simcock, Van de Vyver †
Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Groucutt, Thomas & R Harris declared an interest in the agenda item relating to ACE as all are on the Management Board. They took no part in the decisions. †
Presentation by Dave Baxter, Borough Theatre Manager, MCC

Dave Baxter presented the theatre refurbishment proposals with a request for Town Council support to enable improvements to be made to the toilets and foyer/bar area. †

Cllr R Harris suggested that the neighbouring Community Councils are contacted with a request for financial support † †
To consider the report requesting funding towards the refurbishment of the Borough Theatre

In light of the presentation and consideration of the report it is recommended that the Town Council provides £50,000 towards the theatre refurbishment.
Presentation by Norma Watkins, Chair of ACE

Councillors received a tour of the ACE building and garden and a presentation by the Chair Norma Watkins. Handouts were distributed showing the types of services offered by ACE and the number of people assisted; 684 during April & May with 95% of people visiting ACE offices requiring assistance. Approx 4000 people per annum assisted. †
To consider the draft partnership agreement with ACE

The Town Clerk referred to minor changes proposed by ACE to the agreement. † In light of the presentation and consideration of the draft partnership agreement it is recommended that the final agreement is brought to the next Council meeting. † †
To consider draft website designs

Councillors considered four designs of the home page and agree a red template. The Town Clerk will work with the web designer to populate the website. †

Cllr Thomas sought clarification regarding the Councilís Welsh Language Policy. The Town Clerk informed Councillors that the Council does not have a Welsh Language Policy †
To consider the draft annual report

Councillors agreed the content of the annual report subject to a few grammatical changes. It was agreed that the photos of Councillors should be included in the Annual Report. †

Meeting closed at 8.50pm


That £50,000 is provided for the Borough Theatre refurbishment work