Minutes of the Projects Committee held on Wednesday 31st July  2019 at 7pm at the Melville Centre, Abergavenny


Chairman –    Cllr T Konieczny  

Cllr P Simcock

Cllr D Simcock

Cllr G Jones

Cllr T Thomas

Cllr R Harris

Cllr M Harris

Cllr T Davies

Cllr N Tatam

Absent with apologies: Cllrs Morgan, Groucutt

In attendance:

J Lee (Town Clerk)

                        John Clarke (Melville) for part of the meeting

                        Kath Bransom (Melville) for part of the meeting

                        Stan Pochron (Melville) for part of the meeting

                        Tim Lewis (MCC) for part of the meeting


Apologies and reasons for absence from Cllrs Dodd, Hickman, Morgan and Jones were received and accepted. †
Declarations of Interest

Cllr P Simcock declared an interest item 3 as she is a Director of the Melville Centre for the Arts. However, this agenda item is for information only, no decisions were made. †
Presentation by Directors from Melville Centre for the Arts CIC (MCA)

A presentation was given by a number of the directors on their future plans for the centre including the imminent submission of a Phase 1 application to Heritage Lottery Fund for preparatory surveys and estimates. The Directors had produced a report which was circulated in advance to all Councillors. †

A request was made that MCA and the Town Council collaborate in their discussions with KHS † The Mayor thanked the Directors for their presentation and requested that the Town Council is kept informed of progress and that future contact is made should MCA require any future support. †

MCA Directors left the meeting †
To receive a presentation from Tim Lewis, MCC re Ice Rink proposal, Brewery Yard Winter 2019

Tim Lewis, MCC Event Manager presented the proposal to install an ice rink at the back of the Market Hall 14-21st December. This would include 2 weekends and would attract visitors and residents. It is expected that in year 1 this event would make a loss or break even therefore sponsorship is being sought. Due to the works at the Market Hall and delays, discussions are ongoing as to whether this event could go ahead in 2019. †

Councillors also asked for details of examples where an ice rink event had been hosted in other small towns. †

Tim Lewis left the meeting
To consider the request for financial support towards the ice rink

Agreed that a decision is not required on financial support as more information is required from Tim Lewis including whether it will go ahead in 2019. †
To receive a presentation from Rachael Rogers on future of the Castle Pavilion project

The Mayor informed the meeting that Rachael Rogers was not in attendance and that the Castle Pavilion project has been shelved. The reason for this decision is that there is not sufficient time to bring forward a revised scheme and comply with the funding deadlines. †

It is recommended that the £30k earmarked for this project is transferred back into general reserves † Cllr Konieczny left the meeting at 8.00pm Cllr Davies stepped in as Chair for the remainder of the meeting †
To consider the report on engaging a landscape architect

Recommended that the Town Clerk is requested to obtain quotations for new planting schemes for four sites in the town centre †
To consider the report on Ďadopt a gardení scheme pilot

Recommended that a meeting of potential partners is organised by the Town Council. The purpose of this meeting is to provide more detail on the project and explore whether there is interest in taking forward a pilot in Abergavenny. †

Meeting closed at 8.20pm


That £30,000 earmarked for the Castle Pavilion is transferred back into general reserves     
  That the Town Clerk obtains quotations for engaging landscape advice   
  That an exploratory meeting is arranged to discuss an adopt a garden scheme pilot