Draft Minutes

  1. To receive and approve apologies for absence.
  1. To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.
  1. To approve the minutes from 13th April 2022.
  1. To elect 8 Councillors to sit on Environment Committee (Chair and Vice-Cahir already appointed).
  1. To elect 8 Councillors People and Communities Committee (Chair and Vice-chair already appointed).
  1. To receive a £600 grant application from Abergavenny Pride.
  1. To receive a draft cooperation agreement from ACE.
  1. To receive and adopt the Social Media Policy (review due date May 2022).
  1. To review and appoint signatories to the bank and investment accounts held by ATC.
  1. To receive a verbal report on Month 12, including all relevant income and expenditure reports, from the Town Clerk.
  1. To receive reports from Councillors attendance at external bodies which are relevant to this Committee.
  1. To consider items for the next meeting on 8th June 2022.