PR 44/23 To receive and approve apologies for absence.

PR 45/23 To receive declarations of interest for items on the agenda.

PR 46/23 To approve theminutesfrom 15th March 2023.

PR 47/23: To receive writtenreportfrom Black Mountain Jazz.

PR 48/23: To receive a writtenreportfrom MonLife on future contributions towards youth service delivery.

PR49/23: To receive a writtenreportfrom Brecon Beacons National Park on future contributions towards the Abergavenny TIC.

PR 50/23: Finance Report Month 12 and year end report (doc 1,doc 2,doc 3,doc 4,doc 5).

PR 51/23: To receive a report from Extraordinary Meeting on the ATCStrategy and Action Plan.

PR52/23: To receive an update from Cllr Nicholson on The Media Agency Websiteredesignand hostingproposal.

PR53/23: Earmarked Reserves: update on Project Proposals.

PR54/23: To receive theIRPW reporton contributions towards costs and expenses (Feb2023)

PR 55/23: To receive reports from Councillors attendance at external bodies which are relevant to this Committee:
Abergavenny Eisteddfod Cllrs Jones and Simcock
Borough Theatre MCC / ATC Collaboration Cllrs Groucutt and Konieczny
Mind Monmouthshire – Cllrs Groucutt and Jones
Abergavenny Rotary Cllr K Eldridge

PR 56/23: Report from County Councillors on matters affecting Abergavenny relevant to this Committee.

PR 57/23: To consider items for the next meeting on 17th May 2023.