Abergavenny Mayor’s Journey: Strengthening Bonds with Twin Town in France

Embarking on a memorable self-funded expedition, Abergavenny’s Mayor and her husband ventured to the twinned town of Beaupreau, France. Their journey unfolded as a celebration of cultural exchange and the promise of exciting collaborations. Central to the visit was the vibrant “Petite Angevine” festival, an enticing fusion of agricultural wonders, a lively funfair, and a […]

Abergavenny Town Council Pioneers Neurodiversity in Politics: Kyle’s Inspirational Story

Abergavenny Town Council proudly introduces a groundbreaking initiative aimed at championing neurodiversity and inclusivity within the realm of politics. The Council is delighted to unveil an impactful video featuring Kyle, an exceptional 26 year old advocate for individuals on the autism spectrum. Kyle’s compelling journey of triumph over obstacles and his instrumental role as a […]